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2314Re: Fwd: VIM 7.1 compilation error

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Aug 3 11:54 AM
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      Edward L. Fox wrote:

      > Sorry for sending mail in HTML format, as the following content has some
      > images to display.
      > Do you think we should deprecate the build-in Hangul supporting since the
      > next version of VIM? So far as I know, the Hangul supporting conflicted with
      > XIM module, which is more useful for Asian users. That's why the official
      > Vim pre-built binary never enable this option. Some Korean users also
      > noticed that the latest sources couldn't be built with this option enabled.
      > I think all the users will use input method later, so I'd like to disable
      > the "Hangul automata" from now on.
      > And if possible, we could also supply a Hangul input method by using the
      > keymap mechanism, just like the kana (Japanese letters) keymap ported by me.
      > I know nothing about Korean so I hope any Korean friend could help me with
      > this issue.

      I hesitate removing the Hangul support without knowing for sure that it
      is not needed. Browsing through the messages I do see remarks that it
      might still be useful to a few people.

      Perhaps the Hangul support can be changed to also work for UTF-8?

      The compilation error is easy to fix: Don't define FEAT_XFONTSET when
      using GTK2.

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