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2306Re: Solution for the problem of gvimext in UTF-8 locale

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  • MURAOKA Taro
    Jul 30, 2007
      Hi Bram.

      I see 3 items to think in your reply:
      1. Should vim continue to use iconv.dll?
      2. Is the newer libintl.dll portable?
      3. Can we modify gettext to use Windows native converter?
      I'll answer one by one.

      = 1. Should vim continue to use iconv.dll? =

      YES. Count of encodings which Windows support is different depends on
      edition or installed other modules. Ex:Vista has large number of
      encodings support, but 2000 has fewer. So it may become hard to
      and provide enough number of encodings to real users who need encoding

      = 2. Is the newer libintl.dll portable? =

      YES. I have tried to compile a newer gettext (0.14.2) by MSVC 7.1.
      And it have succeeded.

      = 3. Can we modify gettext to use Windows native converter? =

      YES. It will be a work to implement another iconv implementation by
      using Windows native encoding converter. And vim will become a
      important example at the moment, to creating a patch.
      BUT, I think it is not easy to be applied the patch by the gettext
      maintainer. If it isn't applied, we must maintain and release
      branched gettext codes.
      MURAOKA Taro <KoRoN.KaoriYa@...>

      On 7月31日, 午前5:11, Bram Moolenaar <B...@...> wrote:
      > Taro Muraoka wrote:
      > > Vim loads libintl.dll dynamically, so we can try multiple
      > > implementations of libintl.dll easily.
      > > In attached patch, it try to load libintl2.dll (which requres
      > > libiconv.dll too) first, when it was failed, try to load libintl.dll
      > > (not require libiconv.dll). After applied this patch, we would
      > > distribute libintl2.dll and libiconv.dll separately from vim as an
      > > "option".
      > The libiconv.dll is big. I noticed one that is almost 1 Mbyte. While
      > Win32 has native support for encoding conversions, thus mostly there is
      > no reason to use libiconv.dll. Conversions not natively supported are
      > likely to have problems anyway.
      > The libintl.dll that's included with the big self-installing Vim is a
      > bit old. I hesitate to replace it, because it should work with all
      > different compilers.
      > Is the problem that the ports of GNU gettext to Win32 have not been
      > modified to use the Win32 API?
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