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2257Re: Unicode supplementary chars in Vim

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  • A.J.Mechelynck
    Jan 4, 2007
      Kenneth Reid Beesley wrote:
      > I'm interested in using Vim to edit files with Unicode supplementary
      > chars, like Shavian and Deseret Alphabet.
      > I have Vim 7.0 running and have written vim input methods to enter
      > such characters. I can write the resulting files and have confirmed
      > that they really do contain the desired characters.
      > But the characters do not display in my vim windows. I just see
      > question marks. Not good.
      > Question: is it just a matter of setting the right fonts? or is vim
      > still incapable of displaying Unicode supplementary chars?
      > Thanks,
      > Ken

      I think that Vim is incapabale of displaying codepoints above U+FFFF, but I'm
      not 100% sure. It is a problem for CJK too, since some hanzi are in plane 2

      Of course, any codepoints for which your 'guifont' has no glyph (or, in GTK2
      versions, for which Xft cannot find a glyph) can never be displayed.

      Best regards,
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