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2239Re: Make langmap accept multi-byte characters

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  • Konstantin Korikov
    Oct 14, 2006
      > > I use combination of binary search and simple array lockup.
      > It looks like you use pages of 256 characters. Isn't that a bit much?
      > Memory will be wasted if in some pages only one character is used.

      Typically a particular language has its own ~256 characters page in the
      Unicode table.

      For example, Cyrillic: 0x400..0x4ff; Hebrew: 0x590..0x5FF;
      Arabic: 0x600..0x6ff.

      In most cases a user sets langmap option for its own native language
      only, and a value at that consists of mapping of all alphabetic keys
      that exists on the keyboard.

      So that appropriate page size may be 64..256 characters. I have no
      objections to use page size of 64 or 128 characters.

      > I wonder why you are using pages. What is the problem with having a
      > separate entry for each key?

      Answer is simple. This way is faster when we have a lot of entries
      (>100 for example).

      Best regards,
      Konstantin Korikov
      libcdio-0.76 - CD-ROM input and control library
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