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2127Re: About Unicode CJK Unified Extension B

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  • Edward G.J. Lee
    Mar 1, 2006
      Dear Bram,

      On Tue, Feb 28, 2006, Bram Moolenaar wrote:

      > Oh, I forgot something. The structures used for the screen are limited
      > to 16 bit, because there were no fonts for other characters. If you say
      > that you can actually display characters above 0x10000 I'll have to
      > change that.

      Yes, I can display U+20000..U+2A6DF correctly in my gnome-terminal.
      I have a simple Ruby script to generate all those characters,


      > Do we need three or four bytes? We'll probably need to use four bytes
      > anyway, since there is no data type for three bytes.

      We need four bytes, I think? We need cover the Unicode range from
      0x10000 to 0x10FFFF.

      > Since using these characters is rare, I'll probably have to make it a
      > configuration option to avoid wasting memory. There also still is a
      > todo item to support more than 2 combining characters. We may end up
      > using 20 bytes per screen position.... The number of combining
      > characters could be an option, but doing that for the number of bytes
      > per character would be complicated. That probably has to be a feature,
      > thus decided at compile time.

      I have to admit that those characters are rare used in an ordinary
      artcile. But the problem is people's name in CJKV area, especial
      Chinese people. They may use characters in Unicode CJKV Unified
      Extension B, and I have to type the name correct.

      And I'm makeing an input table of XIM in Chinese, as you may know,
      the table need include completely all the character in Extension B.
      So I need a familiar editor to type those characters and its keys.

      The another example is LaTeX CJK. The cvs version of LaTeX CJK had
      full support of Unicode range now, and I need to edit the example
      for testing,


      So, it's great to support CJKV Unified Extension B as an option of
      Vim. Thanks in advance.

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