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2104Re: a 'foldmarker' problem with mb

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Feb 1, 2006
      Taro Muraoka wrote:

      > Hello Bram and the list.
      > I have received a report from a Japanese vim user. It describes about a
      > 'foldmarker' problem under multibyte environment. Overview of the
      > problem is that fold don't be created when a character which be able to
      > appear as trail byte of multibyte-character, is used in 'foldmarker'.
      > Setting example to represent the problem is:
      > set foldmethod=marker foldmarker={,}
      > (Character '}' appears as trail byte of multibyte-character in CP932
      > encoding.)
      > I wrote attached patch to fix this problem. Please check it.

      Thanks, I'll include this in Vim 7. We can use mb_ptr_adv() to avoid
      the #ifdefs.

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