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2090Re: SEGV in msg_may_trunc()

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  • Pawel S. Veselov
    Dec 21, 2005

      this will work, but it will still count the length of the string twice
      which I tried to avoid...

      Still, what about the case when the '>' is placed into one of the bytes
      of a multibyte character ?

      I guess it was never noticed before, as usually the bytes just before
      a malloc'ed address belong to the malloc() system data, which isn't true on
      BSD. And how many people use variable multibyte output locale on openBSD :)


      On Wed, Dec 21, 2005 at 10:55:21PM +0100, Bram Moolenaar wrote:
      >> VIM (6.3.85p0) on openBSD 3.8, built from /usr/ports.
      >> in message.c there is a probable SEGV in msg_may_trunc() function.
      >> If multibyte string is passed in, and the size of the string in characters
      >> is less than room, but size in bytes is more than room, the (s-1) address
      >> is then written to, as (n) becomes -1.
      >> The attached patch should help. Should work on 6.4 as well.
      >> What I still don't understand is how it is OK to replace some position
      >> in asciiz string with '>'. Does anything guarantee that the position the
      >> '>' is written to is not a part of a multibyte character ?
      >Strange that this has gone unnoticed so long. It's probably because it
      >only happens when using IObuff as the buffer, which is never freed.
      >Then using one byte before the buffer writes in the length of the
      >buffer, and if you don't free it that is not causing trouble. But
      >of course it's bad anyway, just an explanation why we haven't seen
      >crashes all around.
      >A simpler solution is to check for "n" being negative and not doing
      >anything then. Like this:
      >Index: message.c
      >RCS file: /cvsroot/vim/vim7/src/message.c,v
      >retrieving revision 1.32
      >diff -u -r1.32 message.c
      >--- message.c 3 Oct 2005 21:50:54 -0000 1.32
      >+++ message.c 21 Dec 2005 21:40:36 -0000
      >@@ -727,6 +727,10 @@
      > size -= (*mb_ptr2cells)(s + n);
      > n += (*mb_ptr2len)(s + n);
      > }
      >+ /* there may be room anyway when there are multi-byte chars */
      >+ if (n == 0)
      >+ return s;
      > --n;
      > }
      > #endif

      [ skipped ]
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