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2012Re: gvim crash when using UTF-8 locale and paste text from Windows clipboard

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Jul 27, 2005
      Rainux -

      > Sorry, after more test, I found Tony's build of Vim not crash when
      > paste LITTLE LONG TEXT because it do not have a zh_CN.UTF-8 messages
      > translation module ($VIMRUNTIME/lang/zh_CN.UTF-8/LC_MESSAGES/vim.mo).
      > I copied this file and "libintl.dll" from official version to Tony's
      > build, then do the paste test, it crashes.
      > I removed this file from the official version, then the official
      > version don't crash in the paste test, like Tony's.
      > Hope this little information can help you to find and fix this
      > "bug"(or not Vim's bug?), Bram. I'm sorry I've observed you're the
      > author of Vim just now. ;)

      Thus when you remove that vim.mo file it doesn't crash? That means
      there is a problem with a UTF-8 message handled like your codepage (was
      it cp936?). Someone reported before that the sprintf() in the MS
      library causes this problem. I changed several calls to vim_snprintf()
      and checked the messages for using a "%" in the second byte, what else
      would need to be done?

      If you can, please try to reproduce the crash in a debugger, so that we
      can see where it happens. Tony's site gives hints how to compile Vim
      with free tools.

      - Bram

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