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197[vim-multibyte] Re: PATCH: Fix for bold characters spilling over left side in GUI.

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  • Park Chong-Dae
    Mar 23, 2000
      On Fri, Mar 24, 2000 at 12:58:42PM -0000, Robert Webb wrote:
      > Chong-Dae Park wrote:
      > > The variable "is_dbcs" is always set to TRUE in MULTI_BYTE
      > > envionment. So in MULTI_BYTE, your patch makes vim force to redraw
      > > the whole line. I think it is not a good behavior.
      > Woops! This really was just a silly error of mine. Attached is a
      > patch to put on top of my first patch, which should fix things for
      > multi-byte.

      Your new patch does not seem to be efficient.
      It updates the whole line.

      I'll try to make another patch based on your idea.

      Chong-Dae Park
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