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193[vim-multibyte] about your patch (PATCH: Fix for bold characters spilling over left side in GUI)

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  • Park Chong-Dae
    Mar 22, 2000
      Dear Rob,

      I heard your patch from Mr. Nam and find it in vim-dev mailing list.
      (I'm not subscribed the mailing list. I just see it via egroups.com)

      The variable "is_dbcs" is always set to TRUE in MULTI_BYTE envionment.
      So in MULTI_BYTE, your patch makes vim force to redraw the whole line.
      I think it is not a good behavior.

      Yes, the original patch which I had made is tricky. But it produce an optimal
      screen update. (I always tested it with "script" program.)
      When making MULTI_BYTE patch, I tried not to modify non MULTI_BYTE code.
      So, my code becomes somewhat hard-to-read.

      To Bram: don't apply Rob's patch until it produce an optimal screen update.

      To Rob: What trouble your patch resolves? I just find just a worse behavior in
      MULTI_BYTE environment.

      Best regards,

      Chong-Dae Park

      @ Cc'ed to "vim-multibyte"
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