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151[vim-multibyte] Re: IME have better use same font as GUI

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    Jan 20, 2000
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      Yasuhiro Matsumoto wrote:

      > I think...
      > IME have better use same font as GUI.
      > If I select "Select Font" from menu,
      > ( or type ":set gfn=*")
      > then vim show ChooseFont two times for
      > a reason that it select GUI font and IME font.
      > So , I made patch.

      I can see why it goes wrong. Looks like a good fix.

      How about using:

      norm_logfont = fh;

      Instead of:

      mch_memmove(&norm_logfont, &lf, sizeof(LOGFONT));

      Is it OK to copy a LOGFONT?

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