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1017Re: Filename encodings under Win32

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  • Camillo Särs
    Oct 14, 2003
      Glenn Maynard wrote:
      > If "encoding" is not the ACP codepage, then the main problem is that the
      > user can enter characters that Vim simply can't put into a filename
      > (and in 9x, that the system can't, either).
      > I'd just do a conversion, and if the conversion fails, warn appropriately.

      Agreed. There's no way around that.

      > It's not that much work. Windows has _wfopen and _wstat. Vim already
      > has those abstracted (mch_fopen, mch_stat), so conversions would only
      > happen in one place (and in a place that's intended to be platform-
      > specific, mch_*). I believe the code I linked earlier did exactly this.
      > The only thing needed is sane error recovery.

      Sounds very promising. It would be really great if it turns out that the
      changes are fairly minor. That way there's a chance they would get
      implemented. :)

      If you decide to try the proposed changes out, I'm prepared to do some
      testing on a Win32 binary build. Sorry, can't build myself. :(

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