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1008Re: Filename encodings under Win32

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  • Tony Mechelynck
    Oct 13 8:35 AM
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      Bram Moolenaar <Bram@...> wrote:
      > Camillo wrote:
      > > - The default termencoding should be set intelligently, UTF-8 as
      > > termencoding breaks input of non-ascii.
      > Why would 'termencoding' be "utf-8"? This won't work, unless you are
      > using an xterm on MS-Windows. The default 'termencoding' is empty,
      > which means 'encoding' is used. There is no better default. When you
      > change 'encoding' you might have to change 'termencoding' as well, but
      > this depends on your situation.

      Glenn Maynard wants 'encoding' to default to "utf-8" regardless of the
      active codepage. IMHO this would require 'termencoding' to default, not to
      the empty string, but to what is currently the default 'encoding', namely
      the active codepage. Such change in the 'termencoding' default would (again,
      IMHO) be a GoodThing anyway, since it would allow the keyboard to go on
      working whether or not the user alters 'encoding'. Of course it is already
      possible to do

      if &termencoding == ""
      let &termencoding = &encoding

      but wouldn't it make it easier to the user (more user friendly) to have
      'termencoding' default to the ACP not implicitly (&termencoding == "" and
      'encoding' set to the ACP) but explicitly (by defaulting 'termencoding' to a
      nonempty value representing the active codepage)? -- And it would make the
      above "if" statement unnecessary but not harmful, so existing scripts should
      not be broken.

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