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  • See the attached file for details.
    koron@tka.att.ne.jp Mar 15, 2004
  • > One question though, can the cocoa version of vim do window > transparency like everything else in osx does? (I just looked at my Try this patch. This patch includes both patch for OSX and W2K/XP. To make window 50% transparent: :set transparency=128 To make window opaque: :set transparency=255 Don't try this: :set transparency=0 ---- MURAOKA Taro
    MURAOKA Taro Nov 28, 2003
  • > Looks like a nice solution to me. But please check that it works on > various systems. I have tested this on Jaguar and Panther. > Where does the dehqx.py script come from? I need to add a header about > the author, otherwise the copyright is unclear. Did you write it? Oh yes, I wrote it. ---- MURAOKA Taro
    MURAOKA Taro Oct 25, 2003
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  • I have another suggestion. We can easily decode hqx and convert its contents of resource fork to normal file using Python bundled in OSX. Attached patch make this. Please check it. ---- MURAOKA Taro
    MURAOKA Taro Oct 25, 2003
  • See the attached file for details
    koron@tka.att.ne.jp Aug 31, 2003
  • Thank you very much. I'm very glad to get report for CW which I can't test. Based on your report, I have fixed and created a new patch. Please try attached one, instead of previous. ---- MURAOKA Taro > The patch applies with an offset on 6.2.068 but CW complains about: (snip) > using MacOS 8.6, CW Pro 2
    MURAOKA Taro Aug 16, 2003
  • Gvim on MacOSX does not accept droped file to the window. I try to improve on this point. Please test attached patch, if you can. Thanks. ---- MURAOKA Taro
    MURAOKA Taro Aug 14, 2003
  • Thanks for your testing and test-file. > Being impatient, i tried your binary directly :-), but did not get > a nice result. > > :set encoding=MacRoman > :set fileencoding=latin-1 > :r accents.latin1.test Please try these commands, with same binary: :set gfn=Courier:h12 :set encoding=macroman :e ++enc=latin1 accents.latin1.test I hope it will bring better result for you...
    MURAOKA Taro Jun 20, 2003
  • Thanks for your report. In my patch, there are some plugin files which have Japanese characters. It may cause some troubles. Please remove those files and try again. Example commands to remove: cd vim62/runtime/plugin rm -f autodate.vim rm -f cmdex.vim rm -f dicwin.vim rm -f format.vim rm -f hz_ja.vim rm -f scrnmode.vim rm -f verifyenc.vim Regards. ---- MURAOKA Taro > I tried...
    MURAOKA Taro Jun 20, 2003
  • I have newer patches. In it, iconv emulation is improved. But it includes all my experimental features and Japanese document only. If you want to try it, it availables at here: http://www.kaoriya.net/dist/vim-6.2.014-difj.tar.bz2 Usage is: 1. Extract vim's archives, src, rt, extra, and lang. 2. Apply all official patches 001-014. 3. Extract my files and directories ex. bzip2 -cd...
    MURAOKA Taro Jun 19, 2003