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  • You only get very basic mouse support as far as I know. Option+click will position the cursor, but it doesn't report multiple clicks or drags. On May 2, 4:33 pm, LuKreme wrote: > Is it possible to get mouse support in vim when using the terminal (non-gvim) version of vim? Especially when logged in via a ssh session. It's Macs on both ends running Terminal.app > > -- > The Auditors...
    Jeremy May 3, 2010
  • Ok, this one's a little weird, but I'm able to reproduce it regularly. I have a notebook that I take to and from work and use at home etc. At work, I have a display that I connect to. If I work at home (aka just on the notebook) in MacVim I often run it fullscreen. When I get to work, MacVim will still be running fullscreen on the notebook screen after I connect to the larger...
    Jeremy Larkin Jan 14, 2009