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Re: MacVim vs. Vim

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  • Sean Chou
    I think my .vimrc was a bit wonky because I scrapped it and rebuilt it largely from scratch (it was high time for an overhaul anyway) and now can t reproduce
    Message 1 of 5 , Oct 20, 2008
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      I think my .vimrc was a bit wonky because I scrapped it and rebuilt it
      largely from scratch (it was high time for an overhaul anyway) and now
      can't reproduce any of my NERDTree problems. I'm not sure what caused
      it but am so glad it's all working that I lack the spirit to go back
      and try to reproduce it.

      You were right on about the colors - I had indeed forgotten about the
      limited colors in console vim. One thing that has helped tremendously
      is discovering that the "Use bright colors for bold text" checkbox in
      the Settings makes much better use of the limited color palette.

      I hadn't thought of linking to the MacVim vim distribution but just
      now did. What a great idea! Seems obvious in retrospect - perhaps like
      many good ideas.

      On Oct 17, 9:06 pm, Ben Schmidt <mail_ben_schm...@...> wrote:
      > Sean Chou wrote:
      > > I know this probably belongs in a proper vim group rather than this,
      > > but it seems so Mac specific and stranger because MacVim works so
      > > well. But does anyone else have issues with their console version of
      > > vim? I even loaded up the latest version using macports and have the
      > > same problem.
      > > Whereas MacVim shows colorschemes correctly, vim doesn't. It shows
      > > colors but it doesn't seem to actually show the selected colorscheme -
      > > it just shows some variant of the default. Also, vim throws up with
      > > NERDtree but MacVim has no issues with it.
      > > Does anyone else have these issues with their console vim?
      > My console Vim works just fine.
      > Perhaps try running the executable provided with MacVim and see if that
      > helps. /Applications/MacVim.app/Contents/MacOS/Vim should run just fine
      > in console mode. You can symlink it, of course, for regular use, e.g.
      > sudo ln -s /Applications/MacVim.app/Contents/MacOS/Vim /usr/bin/vim
      > (or /usr/local/bin/vim or /opt/local/bin/vim or whatever suits you best)
      > The problems could be that the other console Vims you have been using
      > don't have enough features compiled in, or something like that.
      > Also, remember that console colours are different to GUI colours, and
      > not all colourschemes support both, or support both well. In the console
      > there are only 16 colours that can be used, so most colourschemes look
      > pretty bland in the console, even if they do support it.
      > It's also possible it's related to your Terminal.app settings. Mine
      > declare $TERM to be xterm-color, and it seems to work OK, but other
      > things may react differently with Vim and colours in particular.
      > Cheers,
      > Ben.
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