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Re: Can't type accents

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  • PitPalme
    Hi, ... [...] ... [...] ... Done. Works! THANKS!!!! :-) ... What ever this means, albeit I m a programmer myself I m absolutely not into Apple-Coding (yet). So
    Message 1 of 5 , Aug 23, 2008

      On 23 Aug., 15:03, "björn" <bjorn.winck...@...> wrote:
      > 2008/8/23 PitPalme <pitpa...@...>:
      >>> Can you try older snapshots and see if any of them work?
      >> The newest I could find to work was snaphot-0712B, 0801A didn't show
      >> me any characters I typed, so I don't know if it might have worked
      >> too. snapshot-20 already didn't allow me to enter any accent
      >> character ...
      >> Why the hell I didn't notice this behavior earlier? I know for sure I
      >> haven't skipped 20-33, I'm pretty sure I had at least a few of these
      >> snapshots installed. :-/

      > Reading this I was also mystified, but now I figured out the solution:
      > disable the ATSUI renderer.

      Done. Works! THANKS!!!! :-)

      > The problem is that it does not have
      > support for "marked text" yet so dead characters such as "^" won't
      > work.

      What ever this means, albeit I'm a programmer myself I'm absolutely
      not into Apple-Coding (yet). So I just take this is "ATSUI renderer
      needs improvement when time has come" ;-)

      Thanks you very much for this *really fast* help. I already started
      thinking about if I really lived the last month or if I just dreamed
      about my life during this time, because I simply couldn't remember why
      I have never been stumbled upon this problem between -0701B and
      -34 ... Obviously because I didn't enable ATSUI before -34, due to the
      lack of "Advanced Preferences" panel ;-)
      Best regards,


      //Note to self: WORK, don't play! There are times you're simply not
      "advanced" enough!!! :-)

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