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Re: Updated Quickstart

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  • björn
    ... Can you figure out any way to reproduce this? ... Yes, if you modify [g]vimrc the next window opened will not be cached and hence take the usual
    Message 1 of 6 , Aug 4, 2008
      2008/8/4 <dv1445@...>:
      > Thus spake björn [08/03/08 @ 21.52.24 +0200]:
      >> I have pushed some patches to the Quickstart code in an effort to make
      >> this feature more transparent and to fix some bugs.
      >> 1. Bug where windows never open, but on Cmd-q MacVim says they're
      >> there should be fixed
      >> 2. Changes to .vimrc/.gvimrc are detected and clears the cached
      >> processes to ensure latest rc-files are used
      >> 3. Added an "Advanced" prefs pane to control the cache size
      >> 4. Removed the "Force New Window" menu item
      >> My thoughts on this: I think "most" users will have .vimrc/.gvimrc
      >> files that do not source external files (changes to such are not
      >> detected). Such users could happily have Quickstart enabled without
      >> any worries...until they start installing plugins inside ~/.vim. When
      >> this happens (should not be too often) they may have to "clear the
      >> cache" by going into the "Advanced" prefs pane and disabling, then
      >> re-enabling the Quickstart feature. At the moment I think this is
      >> cause enough to keep the Quickstart feature disabled by default, but
      >> at least now it is easy to enable it.
      >> Also, the "Advanced" pane feels a bit like overkill at the moment (see
      >> attached screenshot); a checkbox to enable/disable Quickstart may be
      >> sufficient for the future. (?)
      >> I ask anybody brave enough to pull the latest source code and test it
      >> out to let me know what they think.
      > OK, I've tried this and the two patches that came before it. Here's a brief report on each, from earliest to latest:
      > 1. First patch: worked mostly fine. I didn't have any failed opens, but there were some *really* delayed ones. Maybe double the pre-quickstart lag, which in my case makes between 3 and 4 seconds.

      Can you figure out any way to reproduce this?

      > 2. Second patch (autosensing of changes to *vimrc): this worked fine too. I noticed that after changing a .vimrc, there was no noticeable quickstart (presumably because MacVim was busy looking for a change, finding it, and destroying/rebuilding the cache). Even with that, it's still a big improvement over unquickstartenabled MacVim because of quickstarts when I'm *not* changing a *vimrc.

      Yes, if you modify [g]vimrc the next window opened will not be cached
      and hence take the usual (non-quickstart) time to open (regardless of
      the time between modifying [g]vimrc and opening a new window).

      > 3. Download of latest update to repo. Works great. I don't mind the slider in the prefs. Only comment is that the number of Vim instances *actually* cached doesn't always correspond to what I set in the prefs. Yes, I know I'm supposed to quit MacVim first after changing the slider. E.g., only sometimes when I have the slider set to 6 will there be 6 cached instances. I can see no rhyme or reason to this yet, but will keep looking to see if there's a pattern in what I'm doing.

      The number only reflects the maximum number of processes that may be
      in the cache at any given time. Only one processes is loaded at a
      time so it will take several seconds before 6 processes are loaded
      into the cache. This is how it is supposed to be. Setting this
      number to be > 1 (or 2 maybe) is really only useful if you use the
      "open in new window with a window for each file" pref for opening new

      Thanks for trying the patches out,

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