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Re: MacVim inline patch

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  • Kaoru YOSHIDA
    Hi Björn, ... Thank you for merging the patch. Yeah, I ll work on the rest of the issues. And once I can find some solutions for them, I ll submit a new
    Message 1 of 17 , Jul 1 6:54 PM
      Hi Björn,

      On 2008/07/02, at 3:26, björn wrote:

      > 2008/6/30 Kaoru YOSHIDA <to.kaoru@...>:
      >> Sorry for bothering you several times...
      >> I hope the attached patch fixed the above two issues, so could
      >> you please take a look at the patch? And do you think there are
      >> other configurations I should check whether the patch works?
      >> If that is the case, I'll test it.
      > Thank you for the new patch Kaoru. I merged it and then added some
      > changes myself in a separate commit. Your patch partly took care of
      > the problems I mentioned, but I noticed that the baseline still was a
      > bit low. I decided to look into it myself and I think it looks a
      > little bit better now, but its still not perfect. It seems to be very
      > difficult to get the exact baseline that Cocoa uses so I sort of
      > hacked it (take a look at the commitdiff for my commit).
      > There was also a problem with the 'linespace' option which I took care
      > of in my commit (to test, enter ":set lsp=20"). Oh, and I adjusted
      > some code so that it conforms better with the rest of the MacVim code.
      > By and large I think you've done a good job with this but I thought
      > I'd point it out anyway for any prospective future patches. :-)
      > As far as I can tell the IM stuff looks quite good now but I hope
      > you'll fix outstanding issues as you come across them and tell me
      > about it.

      Thank you for merging the patch.
      Yeah, I'll work on the rest of the issues. And once I can find
      some solutions for them, I'll submit a new patch.



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