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Re: MacVim.app - snapshot 32

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  • Ben Schmidt
    ... I hadn t seen it until I tested with the snapshot, too. Maybe it s a recent addition. :-) I haven t tried to use modeless selection much, though. ... True,
    Message 1 of 6 , Jun 23, 2008
      >> I'm getting all kinds of horrible display issues. With the cursor in the
      >> middle of the window, if I select from top to bottom, the top part
      >> highlights, and the bottom part goes pure black. Nothing seems to get
      >> the cursor to display again afterwards, and moving it around draws
      >> pictures in the highlighting (if you move it in an artistic fashion!).
      >> See attached screenshot. I get the same with -u NONE (except it's white
      >> not black!).
      > Right, even more display problems with modeless selection. I haven't
      > worked on it since I added the first tentative support. It is a bit
      > problematic because NSTextView's display model is not "compatible"
      > with Vim's so this one is a bit problematic. I hadn't seen the
      > problem you pointed out before though.

      I hadn't seen it until I tested with the snapshot, too. Maybe it's a
      recent addition. :-)

      I haven't tried to use modeless selection much, though.

      >>> How can I paste the selection? I tried hitting <Ctrl-Y> and then <Ctrl-
      >>> R>+ in insert mode in another tab (that's what `:h modeless` says),
      >>> but it didn't work.
      >> It's a little awkward, which is partly my fault, as I have discussed a
      >> patch with Bram, but haven't made it yet, so the documentation isn't as
      >> good as it could be for the current functionality, but the improved
      >> functionality hasn't arrived yet either.
      >> At any rate, Ctrl-Y only works in commandline mode (i.e. while you are
      >> typing a : command). I suggest using Command-Y with the following
      >> mappings that make it work in more modes:
      >> :nmap <silent> <D-y> :<C-y><CR>
      >> :imap <silent> <D-y> <C-o>:<C-y><CR>
      >> :cmap <silent> <D-y> <C-y>
      >> You can then use Ctrl-R+ or just Command-V to paste it.
      > You forgot to mention ":set go+=a" (possible ":set go+=A" as well?).
      > That is quite handy.

      True, though that is at :help modeless.

      I prefer go+=A which only does its dirty work for the modeless
      selection, not for Visual mode too.

      :help 'go'



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