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Re: Crash in 'readfile( )'

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  • ewitness - Ben Fowler
    ... I compiled it myself. I had added the Saveas fix patch. I will do a CVS update and check the diff. I can t guarantee to do so promptly, as we are moving
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 24, 2002
      At 3:09 pm -0400 25/9/02, Benji Fisher wrote:
      >ewitness - Ben Fowler wrote:
      > > Normally, I can drop files in this way; and after re-starting Vim,
      >> I could do it with this one.
      > The worst kind of bug: an intermittent one. :-(
      > Since you are using OSX 10.2 (my copy arrived today) and it does not always
      >crash, I guess you are using a version of Vim compiled for 10.2. Did you
      >compile it yourself or was it the version I posted (compiled by Thomas Koch)?
      >Have you made any changes to gui_mac.c near the indicated lines? Muraoka Taro's
      >patches (or my versions of these, encoding.diff) make changes around Line 1993,
      >among others.

      I compiled it myself. I had added the 'Saveas fix' patch. I will do
      a CVS update and check the diff.

      I can't guarantee to do so promptly, as we are moving offices that the

      > > So far as I can tell, vim does contain assertion statements, so
      >> is there any way of wrapping this section of code with something
      >> that reports if these pointers are null when they shouldn't be?
      >> Ben.
      > I cannot help there. Anyone else?

      Debugging Vim from the PB does not go smoothly as Vim spots that's
      output is not going to a terminal.

      Perhaps I can do something creative with gdb.


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