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Re: :colorscheme bug in MacVim

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  • Ted Pavlic
    Neat. ... ? :) --Ted ... -- Ted Pavlic --~--~---------~--~----~------------~-------~--~----~ You received this message from the vim_mac
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 7, 2008

      Any idea why the red background of misspelled words goes away when I do:

      :colorscheme koehler
      :colorscheme macvim
      :colorscheme vo_dark
      :colorscheme macvim

      ? :)


      > Koehler is a dark color scheme so it sets bg=dark (see ":h 'bg'"),
      > when you switch back to the macvim color scheme it will use the dark
      > variant of that color scheme (it comes in both light and dark
      > variants). So you could just add "set bg=dark" to your .gvimrc and
      > you'll get the dark variant automatically. ;-)
      > /Björn
      > >

      Ted Pavlic <ted@...>

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