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Re: Vim with "Open With"

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  • björn
    ... Well...seeing as I also happen to agree with you I will not change this appearance then. Niklas suggestion is on my TODO list; in fact, this is how I
    Message 1 of 14 , Jul 31, 2007
      > > There have been a few request (already) that new files open in tabs
      > > instead of in a new window for MacVim, so I will change the current
      > > behaviour so that new files ( i.e. dragged onto dock icon, "Open
      > > with...") will open in tabs in the current window.
      > I prefer if they are opened in a new window :-P I use tabs to hold
      > sets of related files (which I store in sessions), and when I double-
      > click a file it's not related to an existing window, so I want a new
      > one. Plus, that's how nearly all mac apps work...
      I agree; my behaviour is very similar. It would be great though if
      folders and files could be dropped on MacVim windows (which I noticed
      is not possible now). The behaviour of Carbon Vim would work great I
      think - where a dropped item is directly :edit-ed, unless the command
      line is active, in which case the file location is appended.

      Well...seeing as I also happen to agree with you I will not change this appearance then.  Niklas' suggestion is on my TODO list;  in fact, this is how I envisioned it should work, since if you drop files onto a window, then clearly you want them to open in that window (in tabs), whereas if you drag onto the dock icon, then all you are saying is "use this app to open these files".  However, I do wish there was an option in the "right-click menu" to "Open in new window" or "Open in current window", but I think we'll have to live without that.


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