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Re: default value of 'rtp'

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  • Benji Fisher
    ... This is different from the runtimepath option. ... This is the opposite of what I see. I want $VIM to be set to /path/to/vim, but it is set to
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 18, 2001
      "Mac Vim Support (Axel Kielhorn)" wrote:
      > At 9:06 Uhr -0400 2001-10-03, Benji Fisher wrote:
      > > According to the docs, the default value of the 'runtimepath' option
      > >depends on the $VIM environment variable. However, changing $VIM does not
      > >seem to change the default:
      > >
      > >:let $VIM = "some/other/path"
      > >:set rtp&
      > >
      > >does not do what I would like. Can this be changed?
      > I'm not sure $VIMRUNTIME will be updated when $VIM is changed, but ...

      This is different from the 'runtimepath' option.

      > > Background: The Mac port of Vim 6.0 does not set $VIM as I would like.
      > >(It is set to path/to/vim/vim60 instead of path/to/vim .)
      > It is set correctly, when you set up you folders correctly.
      > Ok, that was a bad decission not to adhere to the Unix filesystem
      > layout when starting to use Vim on the Mac.
      > When using "/path/to/vim/vim60/Vim 6.0" $VIM will be set to
      > /path/to/vim, instead of "/path/to/vim/vim 6.0".
      > This means it doesn't find its vimrc anymore because it is looking
      > for /path/to/vim/vimrc now.

      This is the opposite of what I see. I want $VIM to be set to
      /path/to/vim, but it is set to /path/to/vim/vim60/vim 6.0.

      > Maybe when switching to 6.0 we should finally use the normal layout.
      > I'm sure the MacOSX users will agree.

      I am in favor of this!

      BTW, I have been unable to download Vim 6.0 from your i-disk. The
      problem may be at my end, but please check that the file is not corrupted.

      --Benji Fisher

      P.S. redirecting to vim-mac from vim-dev
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