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Re: Opening full screen vim window?

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  • Matthew J. Stott
    On Carbon ViM GUI, I experimented a bit: 15 Al PowerBook 1280 x 854 resolution ViM commands you can place in a .vimrc or .gvimrc (I have both, one for GUI and
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 13, 2004
      On Carbon ViM GUI, I experimented a bit:

      15" Al PowerBook 1280 x 854 resolution

      ViM commands you can place in a .vimrc or .gvimrc (I have both, one for
      GUI and one for console)

      winp 0 0 <-- Set's window position to X by Y (hides titlebar of
      Carbon Vim)
      set lines=56 columns=180 <-- Leaves a right hand scrollbar

      There will be a slight section of wallpaper at the bottom of the screen
      but if I set lines=57 it clips
      part of the last line.

      I believe your font choice in the GUI will also impact the line height
      and column width.
      I use set gfn=monaco:h12

      Also if you just type winp without parameters it will print the current

      *** Another way *** - This is a shocker to those Mac users who didn't
      know they could do this:

      If you login to OS X using '>console' without the quotes and without a
      password you will find that the OS X window manager will exit and you
      will be a raw Unix login prompt. Login using your OS X shortname user
      id and password.

      Then try running ViM! That will definitely run true fullscreen! This
      would be the Panther included version of ViM (no GUI), if you need a
      newer version (or custom compiled one) then rename the /usr/bin/vim and
      create a symbolic link to the Carbon ViM. Something like 'ln -s
      /Applications/Vim.app/Contents/MacOS/Vim vim'.

      You will need to disable auto-logon and at the login screen, you can
      either set OS X to prompt for both username and password or you can
      even do it even if you see the list of users to click. Just hold down
      OPTION+Down Arrow then OPTION+ENTER (keep holding the OPTION key).
      Wala, you will now be prompted to type the username and can enter
      '>console' if you wish.

      On Nov 13, 2004, at 6:58 PM, bongoman wrote:

      > Hi there
      > I'm trying to set my vimrc file so that when I launch Vim, it opens
      > full screen on my 15" PowerBook.
      > I'm not sure if this a vimrc setting. I can set columns=210 but it is
      > not really a full screen window.
      > I'm wondering if I need to use applescript to achieve this or whether
      > it is purely a Vim issue, ie one that can be addressed via Vim
      > settings in my vimrc file.
      > Any clues appreciated...
      > bongoman
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