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    ... Thanks, Tony. There wasn t much info on disabling mouse functions, but I put set mouse= in my .gvimrc file and it seems to have gotten rid of all the
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 30, 2013
      On Monday, September 30, 2013 6:25:08 AM UTC-4, Tony Mechelynck wrote:

      > The mac_vim group is for any questions specific to the use of Vim on the Mac — for newbies and programming gurus alike. Admittedly it is not always evident to determine if a given question is a "Vim question" or a Mac question".

      > For Vim on any platform, there are two more high-traffic groups, namely vim_use for questions relating to "using" Vim, and vim_dev for questions relating to "developing" Vim (i.e., finding and fixing bugs, etc.).

      > I think that the settings described by the following help items answer your questions (for Vim on any OS):

      > :help 'mouse'
      > to enable or disable (Vim reactions to) the mouse in each mode;
      > :help 'mousemodel'
      > to specify _how_ Vim reacts to the (enabled) mouse;
      > :help gui-mouse
      > a full section about using the mouse in a Vim GUI (i.e. gvim or macvim)
      > To Vim, a trackpad is just one kind of mouse: any differences are handled by the mouse (or trackpad) driver that comes with the OS.

      > Best regards,
      > Tony.

      Thanks, Tony. There wasn't much info on disabling mouse functions, but I put

      set mouse=

      in my .gvimrc file and it seems to have gotten rid of all the problems I was having without disabling the mouse in useful ways. Specifically, I cannot now use the mouse to go to a different place in the text by clicking there (this was what didn't work before -- instead of just moving the cursor there it would select some text), but I can still click to select a word, move the mouse to select text (once it is in a place), and use Command-V, etc. to paste, delete and copy text which has been selected or for Command-V, text which is in the clipboard. Seems like the best of both worlds now as I'm happy to use the old vi commands to move the cursor (h, j, k, l, 0, $, etc.).

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