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MacVim 7.3 Snapshot 66: current line number is bolded when "set cursorline" is on

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  • Jeet Sukumaran
    Just discovered this feature in MacVim 7.3 Snapshot 66: when set cursorline is on (and if line numbers are showing set number ), then the current line
    Message 1 of 1 , May 26, 2013
      Just discovered this feature in MacVim 7.3 Snapshot 66: when "set cursorline" is on (and if line numbers are showing "set number"), then the current line number is highlighted.


      Amazing how such a small change makes such a huge difference in ergonomics (for me) when trying to orient yourself and your eyes. In my case, my cursorline colors are only subtly different from the bg, so as to not to distract too much for reading/editing the current line, and so the highlighted line number is fantastic.

      When was this added? Could not find it in the latest changelog. Is this part of standard Vim/GVim. If not, any plans to add it? Is there a way to control the colors?

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