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Re: Syntax highlighting for .profile

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  • Charles Campbell
    ... Its because bash isn t a distribution-supported filetype; sh is. Putting let g:is_bash=1 into your .vimrc tells syntax/sh.vim to do bash-style syntax
    Message 1 of 7 , Feb 27, 2013
      Tim Johnson wrote:
      > * Charles Campbell <Charles.E.Campbell@...> [130226 08:37]:
      >> Tim Johnson wrote:
      >>> * Phil Dobbin <phildobbin@...> [130226 07:10]:
      >>>> On 26/02/2013 01:51, Tim Johnson wrote:
      >>>>> Hello:
      >>>>> How can set syntax highlighting for .profile on the mac os 10.7, as I
      >>>>> would for .bashrc or .bash_profile?
      >>>>> thanks
      >>>> I use:
      >>>> 'au BufRead,BufNewFile {*.cfg,*.profile,*.log} set ft=syslog'
      >>>> in my vimrc. syslog.vim is a syntax plugin available from the scripts
      >>>> page on: <www.vim.org>
      >>> Thanks for the replies. I have followed both suggestions, and
      >>> neither worked, even as I could see ft change to syslog or bash.
      >>> But I noted that from /etc/bashrc ft is set to 'sh' with syntax
      >>> highlight operating, so :
      >>> au BufRead,BufNewFile {*.cfg,*.profile,*.log} set ft=sh
      >>> Gives me syntax highlighting
      >>> Thanks again
      >>> cheers
      >> syn on
      >> should have enabled syntax highlighting for .profile (with ft == sh).
      >> Does this not work?
      > Yes, as I have indicated above, autocommand with ft=sh gives me
      > syntax highlighting.
      >> Since you indicated .bashrc, etc; I'm guessing that you're using bash
      >> for your .profile, so you should also put
      >> let g:is_bash= 1
      > That's a good tip, thanks, but if I change
      > au BufRead,BufNewFile {*.cfg,*.profile,*.log} set ft=sh
      > " where syntax higlighting works
      > " to
      > au BufRead,BufNewFile {*.cfg,*.profile,*.log} set ft=bash
      > I now _do not_ have highlighting
      > regardless of the order in which
      > let g:is_bash= 1
      > comes in respect to the autocommand.
      > So..... setting ft to 'sh' works, and that works for me.
      > Why setting ft to 'bash' does not work is a mystery to this
      > eternal vim noob, but what I have now is sufficient.
      Its because bash isn't a distribution-supported filetype; sh is.
      Putting "let g:is_bash=1" into your .vimrc tells syntax/sh.vim to do
      bash-style syntax highlighting.
      Your .profile should be getting syntax highlighting without needing your
      au BufRead,BufNewFile ...etc... ; without the g:is_bash=1, though, it'll
      be getting Bourne style highlighting rather than bash-style syntax
      without the BufRead,BufNewFile autocmd,
      and with g:is_bash=1 in your .vimrc,
      vim .profile
      :syn on
      give you syntax highlighting? Because it should...

      C Campbell

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