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Re: MacVim.app snapshot 65 for Mountain Lion

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  • Steven Michalske
    Gatekeeper settings?
    Message 1 of 11 , Sep 21, 2012
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      Gatekeeper settings?

      On Sep 21, 2012, at 10:40 AM, Robert <sigzero@...> wrote:

      > On Friday, September 21, 2012 1:33:19 AM UTC-4, Niels Kobsch├Ątzki wrote:
      >> I had the same problem a few weeks ago. Tried a lot incl. recompilation. It worked when I called it from the command line (open -a MacVim) but from the GUI I couldn't open it. Then two days later it suddenly worked again w/out me changing anything (at least I'm not aware of it).
      > That is exactly what I found out. If I call it from the command line it works. If I start it from /Applications it does not. Maybe mine will just start working as well until then I know what the work-a-round.
      > Bob
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