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Re: Two green diamonds in the dock

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  • Ben Schmidt
    ... I was wondering whether, though, perhaps the server inherited its owner from a file or something like that. IIRC, I ve had strange IAC problems in the past
    Message 1 of 8 , Jul 30, 2012
      On 31/07/12 3:12 AM, björn wrote:
      > On Mon, Jul 30, 2012 at 12:05 PM, Ben Schmidt wrote:
      >>> 2012-07-19 11:21:53.432 MacVim[66493:10b] *** CFMessagePort:
      >>> bootstrap_register(): failed 1100 (0x44c) 'Permission denied', port =
      >>> 0x3803, name = 'org.vim.MacVim.ServiceProvider'
      >>> See /usr/include/servers/bootstrap_defs.h for the error codes.
      >> Since your error is 'permission denied', though, my first step would be
      >> to check the ownership and permissions of MacVim.app and its contents.
      >> And then maybe try 'repair permissions' in Disk Utility in case it's a
      >> system file that has had permissionsed messed up by something.
      > This is not a file permission issue.

      I was wondering whether, though, perhaps the server inherited its owner
      from a file or something like that. IIRC, I've had strange IAC problems
      in the past that were somehow inexplicably related to file permissions.
      I'm not familiar with this mechanism, though, so it really was a wild
      guess. It's something I'd try 'just in case', not really believing it
      would help.

      > MacVim registers a named bootstrap server so that Vim processes can
      > connect to the GUI. The above error message is saying that the name
      > that MacVim is trying to register is already taken and so it fails.
      > This means two MacVim processes are trying to run at the same time
      > which is why I previously suspected that the OP had two versions of
      > MacVim.app on their computer.

      Makes sense. It's a shame "permission denied" is such a broad message.

      > I don't know what would cause Mac OS X to try and start two instances
      > of the same app.

      IIRC, it can be done with a bundle flag, but surely MacVim's bundle
      doesn't have that flag set, nor does mvim call for any special kind of

      > My best guess is that this is a timing-related issue since it is so
      > hard to reproduce (by which I mean that I have never been able to
      > reproduce it).

      It's pretty unfathomable what could be so timing-critical, though, isn't
      it? It's not like the two instances are starting at even roughly the
      same time.

      I wonder whether it's something in the OP's environment that's making
      something work differently in the Terminal to the GUI. Does that sound
      plausible at all? It would be interesting to know how the original
      MacVim instance was started: whether via mvim from the same commandline
      environment, or whether from the GUI, and whether it makes a difference
      or not to the later behaviour.


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