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Re: Compiling MacVim

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  • Eric Weir
    ... Thanks, Tim. That s very helpful. I m considering purchasing a new MacBook in a couple months or so. Either that or I ll upgrade to Mountain Lion. I may
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      On Jun 19, 2012, at 11:23 AM, Tim Gray wrote:

      > Xcode contains the compiler you will need to compile programs, either by hand or with a package manager. You probably do not have it if you haven't installed it. You get it from Apple. Either in the App store or from the Developer website. I'm not sure if the App store works on 10.6, of if the Xcode found there is compatible with 10.6. There is a package somewhere on the Apple website with just the command line tools needed for compiling, but I don't remember the link or name, and also don't know if it's compatible with 10.6.

      Thanks, Tim. That's very helpful. I'm considering purchasing a new MacBook in a couple months or so. Either that or I'll upgrade to Mountain Lion. I may hold off getting a copy of Xcode till I do one or the other.

      > As far as package managers go, I wouldn't avoid them if they offer you tools that you want. I used macports and fink years ago to complement programs I had manually compiled and installed, but I see no reason not to use Homebrew now. It's matured greatly over the last couple of years and more or less just works now. It's also designed for minimal disturbance of the OS X ecosystem, so I see no reason to stay away. That being said, I'm not sure if it still supports 10.6. Look at the brew installation instructions for more detail:

      And thanks for this, too. Your comment about Homebrew minimizing "disturbance to the OS X ecosystem" reminds me that that was what was behind the negative comments about package managers---I think MacPorts and Homebrew were mentioned---on the Apple forum.

      I'll check out the installation instructions and keep it in mind for the future.

      Eric Weir
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