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Re: Macvim doesn't work properly with chinese input method

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  • Jerry
    Ben,sorry for my delayed reply.It s strange that I didn t receive your last two message in my Email. I have followed your instructions to reproduce the problem
    Message 1 of 8 , Jun 18 10:04 PM
      Ben,sorry for my delayed reply.It's strange that I didn't receive your
      last two message in my Email.

      I have followed your instructions to reproduce the problem and the
      input method I am using is FIT,you can download it here(http://
      dl.fit4.cn/FIT_2.2.1.dmg),my os x version is 10.6.7,Macvim version is

      1.I open both the "use experimental renderer" and "draw marked text
      inline" options in macvim's preference setting

      2.restart macvim without any plugins and ":set noimd"

      3.switch to insert mode and switch to Chinese IME,type "shenme" and
      space bar,then I get "什么'me" on the screen,the expected result is "什
      么",the "'me" is unwanted

      4.uncheck "draw marked text inline" option,restart vim without plugins
      and ":set noimd",switch to chinese IME,then type "shenme",the
      candidate window pops up,but the characters "shenme" don't get printed
      to the screen,so I get no clue what I've just typed.

      5.uncheck "use experiemental renderer" option,restart and do the steps
      above,everything works fine.

      In either case I didn't encounter any IME switch problem anymore,I
      think it is one of my plugins make the switch function broken.

      hope I have described it clearly enough.

      On Apr 30, 5:36 pm, Ben Schmidt <mail_ben_schm...@...> wrote:
      > On 30/04/11 7:02 PM, bj rn wrote:
      > > On 30 April 2011 10:07, Jamie Xie wrote:
      > >> I disabled the "Draw marked text inline" option in Advanced Preferences,and
      > >> added "set noimdisable" to vimrc,it can automatically switch to english when
      > >> I return to normal mode.But there is still a problem: it doesn't remember
      > >> the state ofinputmethodin insert mode,so when I change to insert mode the
      > >> IME state is still English.But it's a lot better than before.
      > > This should work. I use it myself.
      > It works for me, too, though I'm using the experimental renderer and
      > have the inline marked text turned on. I use the pinyinChineseinputmethod, as that's the only thing that I have a hope of even doing a
      > handful of characters with (I only learntChineseat primary school...).
      > But it does work, and MacVim changes layouts just fine. Maybe the
      > problem is with some otherChineseinputmethodthat I don't understand.
      > Ben.

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