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Re: vim + OSX + [perl|python|tcl|ruby]

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  • Bram Moolenaar
    ... The idea is that we compile Vim with Python in such a way that someone that wants Python support can install Python (probably 2.3) and start using it.
    Message 1 of 13 , Oct 30, 2003
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      Bob Ippolito wrote:

      > >>> If nobody can think of a cause I might have to ask a Mac-Python
      > >>> expert...
      > >>
      > >> I'm one of those ;)
      > >
      > > Well, in that case you can perhaps think of a solution where we can
      > > build a binary version of Vim that runs on 10.2 and 10.3 with Python
      > > 2.2
      > > and Python 2.3? Previously I thought that dynamically loading the
      > > library could work, but now this "-framework Python" argument is
      > > obscuring what is actually being linked with.
      > There is no way to compile vim +python on OS X 10.2 (unless the user
      > has installed Python on their own, or you include your own version of
      > Python in the Vim app bundle). Apple did not provide a dynamic library
      > or framework to link to with their installed with OS X 10.2 version of
      > Python 2.2.

      The idea is that we compile Vim with Python in such a way that someone
      that wants Python support can install Python (probably 2.3) and start
      using it. Currently someone also has to install a different version of
      Vim. And that version will crash when you uninstall Python...

      > It is possible to dynamically load frameworks, it's actually really
      > easy (CFBundle). The "core" of a framework is really just a dylib,
      > which can be loaded on its own if you really wanted to (but don't do
      > that, use CFBundle).

      That sounds like something useful.

      > > The alternative is that we distribute Vim without Python support (that
      > > would run on most sytems) and several versions with Python support that
      > > run on specific systems. Add to that the optional Perl, Tcl and Ruby
      > > interface and we are soon distributing a dozen different Vim
      > > versions...
      > Not really, why don't you have two.. one for pre-10.3, and one for
      > 10.3? In 10.3, you can theoretically compile against Python, Perl, Tcl
      > and (probably, but haven't looked) Ruby.

      And next year one for 10.4. Oh, and there are also a few 10.1 users.
      The point is: we would like to solve the problem, not work around it.
      That saves us a lot of work in the future and make it simpler for users.

      > As for the compilation issue that Benji is having, I'm going to have to
      > look at the Vim source, I'll do that tonight. It shouldn't be asking
      > for those symbols. Perhaps the way that Vim initializes an embedded
      > Python is incorrect.

      It works fine for me, thus it must be something strange. Perhaps a
      difference between the Python 2.3 distributed from python.org and the
      version included with 10.3?

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