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Re: Replying to messages

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  • Tony Mechelynck
    On Sep 3, 2:42 pm, John Beckett wrote: [...] ... I know the general lines, but I just went there to read it again attentively.
    Message 1 of 11 , Sep 21, 2009
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      On Sep 3, 2:42 pm, "John Beckett" <johnb.beck...@...> wrote:
      > There is one page on the vim_use group that has general stuff,
      > and I will take this opportunity to post my standard message:
      > Reminder to everyone: Please bottom post on this list. Quote a
      > small (relevant) part of the message you are replying to, and
      > put your text underneath.
      > See the list guidelines:http://groups.google.com/group/vim_use/web/vim-information
      > John

      I know the general lines, but I just went there to read it again
      attentively. (People, it's worth it.)

      The last line made me LOL:

      «If your expensive gadget can't bottom post, wait until you can find
      a computer.»

      though I would maybe not have gone that far. For short posts (about as
      long as an SMS), including thank-you notes (whose utility is dubious
      anyway) top- vs. bottom-posting doesn't matter much to me. The longer
      the quote or the longer the reply, the more trimming and ordering
      (question _then_ answer, or question then answer then reply to the
      answer, etc.) are important I'd say.

      Hm, thinking of it (and of how I'm replying in vim_mac, to which I'm
      subscribed in "digest" mode, unlike vim_use, vim_dev and vim_multibyte
      which are sent in full to my inbox), maybe I would have said:

      «If your expensive gadget can't bottom post in email, have it (or
      find something that can) browse the Google Groups and their web

      I've heard that some handheld devices include true browsers nowadays,
      so why not use that, if you have to reply to the vim-list while
      waiting for the bus to arrive? ;-)

      Best regards,
      Abandon the search for Truth; settle for a good fantasy.

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