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Re: Ctrl doesn't work in MacVim (Snow Leopard) with a Swedish Dvorak keyboard layout (linked)...

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  • Axel Kielhorn
    ... I had a look at your keylayout file: There is no mapping table for control. My custom map file has:
    Message 1 of 6 , Sep 12, 2009
      Am 12.09.2009 um 22:06 schrieb Fredrik Bränström:

      > Uh, wrong file. The .keylayout is located in the .bundle/Contents/
      > Resources... Attaching the .bundle.

      I had a look at your keylayout file:

      There is no mapping table for control. My custom map file has:

      <modifierMap id="commonModifiers" defaultIndex="0">
      <keyMapSelect mapIndex="0">
      <modifier keys=""/>
      <modifier keys="command anyShift? caps?"/>
      <keyMapSelect mapIndex="1">
      <modifier keys="anyShift caps?"/>
      <keyMapSelect mapIndex="2">
      <modifier keys="caps"/>
      <keyMapSelect mapIndex="3">
      <modifier keys="anyOption"/>
      <keyMapSelect mapIndex="4">
      <modifier keys="anyShift caps? anyOption"/>
      <keyMapSelect mapIndex="5">
      <modifier keys="anyShift? caps? anyOption command"/>
      <keyMapSelect mapIndex="6">
      <modifier keys="anyShift? caps? anyOption? command?

      While you only have

      <modifierMap id="48" defaultIndex="0">
      <keyMapSelect mapIndex="0">
      <modifier keys="" />
      <keyMapSelect mapIndex="1">
      <modifier keys="anyShift" />
      <modifier keys="caps" />
      <keyMapSelect mapIndex="2">
      <modifier keys="anyOption caps?" />
      <keyMapSelect mapIndex="3">
      <modifier keys="command anyShift? caps? anyControl?" />
      <keyMapSelect mapIndex="4">
      <modifier keys="command anyShift? caps? anyOption anyControl?" />

      My keymap 6 looks like this:
      (Warning, this will give you a german keylayout for control if you
      insert it into your keylayout.)

      <keyMap index="6">
      <!-- control -->
      <key code="0" output=""/>
      <key code="1" output=""/>
      <key code="2" output=""/>
      <key code="3" output=""/>
      <key code="4" output=""/>
      <key code="5" output=""/>
      <key code="6" output=""/>
      <key code="7" output=""/>
      <key code="8" output=""/>
      <key code="9" output=""/>
      <key code="10" output="0"/>
      <key code="11" output=""/>
      <key code="12" output=""/>
      <key code="13" output=""/>
      <key code="14" output=""/>
      <key code="15" output=""/>
      <key code="16" output=""/>
      <key code="17" output=""/>
      <key code="18" output="1"/>
      <key code="19" output="2"/>
      <key code="20" output="3"/>
      <key code="21" output="4"/>
      <key code="22" output="6"/>
      <key code="23" output="5"/>
      <key code="24" output="="/>
      <key code="25" output="9"/>
      <key code="26" output="7"/>
      <key code="27" output=""/>
      <key code="28" output="8"/>
      <key code="29" output="0"/>
      <key code="30" output=""/>
      <key code="31" output=""/>
      <key code="32" output=""/>
      <key code="33" output=""/>
      <key code="34" output=" "/>
      <key code="35" output=""/>
      <key code="36" output=" "/>
      <key code="37" output=" "/>
      <key code="38" output=" "/>
      <key code="39" output="'"/>
      <key code="40" output=" "/>
      <key code="41" output=";"/>
      <key code="42" output=""/>
      <key code="43" output=","/>
      <key code="44" output="/"/>
      <key code="45" output=""/>
      <key code="46" output=" "/>
      <key code="47" output="."/>
      <key code="48" output=" "/>
      <key code="49" output=" "/>
      <key code="50" output="`"/>
      <key code="51" output=""/>
      <key code="52" output=""/>
      <key code="53" output=""/>
      <!-- gap, 54 through 64 -->
      <key code="64" output=""/>
      <key code="65" output="."/>
      <key code="66" output=""/>
      <key code="67" output="*"/>
      <!-- gap, 68 -->
      <key code="69" output="+"/>
      <key code="70" output=""/>
      <key code="71" output=""/>
      <key code="72" output=""/>
      <!-- gap, 73-74 -->
      <key code="75" output="/"/>
      <key code="76" output=""/>
      <key code="77" output=""/>
      <key code="78" output="-"/>
      <!-- gap, 79-80 -->
      <key code="79" output=""/>
      <key code="80" output=""/>
      <key code="81" output="="/>
      <key code="82" output="0"/>
      <key code="83" output="1"/>
      <key code="84" output="2"/>
      <key code="85" output="3"/>
      <key code="86" output="4"/>
      <key code="87" output="5"/>
      <key code="88" output="6"/>
      <key code="89" output="7"/>
      <!-- gap, 90 -->
      <key code="91" output="8"/>
      <key code="92" output="9"/>
      <!-- gap, 93-95 -->
      <key code="96" output=""/>
      <key code="97" output=""/>
      <key code="98" output=""/>
      <key code="99" output=""/>
      <key code="100" output=""/>
      <key code="101" output=""/>
      <key code="102" output=""/>
      <key code="103" output=""/>
      <key code="104" output=""/>
      <key code="105" output=""/>
      <key code="106" output=""/>
      <key code="107" output=""/>
      <key code="108" output=""/>
      <key code="109" output=""/>
      <key code="110" output=""/>
      <key code="111" output=""/>
      <key code="112" output=""/>
      <key code="113" output=""/>
      <key code="114" output=""/>
      <key code="115" output=""/>
      <key code="116" output=" "/>
      <key code="117" output=""/>
      <key code="118" output=""/>
      <key code="119" output=""/>
      <key code="120" output=""/>
      <key code="121" output=" "/>
      <key code="122" output=""/>
      <key code="123" output=""/>
      <key code="124" output=""/>
      <key code="125" output=""/>
      <key code="126" output=""/>
      <!-- gap, 127 -->

      You can modify your keylayout using ukeklele.


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