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Re: modify TIS handling for cooperation with iminsert/imsearch

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  • Tony Mechelynck
    On Aug 28, 2:02 pm, björn wrote: [...] ... You might try using language ctype en_US or language ctype C (untested) near the top of
    Message 1 of 7 , Aug 30, 2009
      On Aug 28, 2:02 pm, björn <bjorn.winck...@...> wrote:
      > I guess it sets it to Sweden because my time zone is set to Stockholm,
      > Sweden...but it is a bit weird since my default language is English
      > and my OS X version is English as well.

      You might try using

      language ctype en_US


      language ctype C

      (untested) near the top of your vimrc. I haven't tested it (I don't
      use an IM).

      :help :language

      > Actually, it is pretty neat that it automatically switches to the
      > current locale (i.e. Swedish in my case) since this is most likely the
      > expected behaviour when 'imd' is set.  Your tip of setting imi=0 and
      > ims=0 reverts the behaviour back to what I first envisioned...so this
      > is definitely an improvement!  I've got "set imd imi=0 ims=0" in my
      > gvimrc as well now.

      Setting 'ims' to -1 (meaning "use 'imi'") could be useful: it means
      changing 'imi' applies automagically to the / and ? search commands,
      in addition to Insert mode, Ex-commands, and some Normal mode command
      operands such as r f t etc. (all of which, IIUC, always use 'imi').

      I don't know where (if anywhere) the Ctrl-^ key is on my keyboard, so
      I use the following keymap-related commands in my vimrc:
      set imi=0 ims=-1
      noremap <F8> :let &l:imi = !&l:imi
      inoremap <F8> <C-O>:let &l:imi = !&l:imi
      cnoremap <F8> <C-^>

      For IM, you would of course multiply the right-side operand of the
      ":let" statements by 2, making it 2*(!&l:imi). (Ctrl-^ has a
      different meaning in Normal mode; the above allows F8 to toggle
      keymaps [or, with the indicated change, IM] in any mode.)

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