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Re: Zoom window horizontally too?

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  • Tony Mechelynck
    ... In addition to what Björn said, you should be able to use ... in your gvimrc, or in a :if has( gui_running ) wrapper in your vimrc, to always maximize
    Message 1 of 4 , Jul 10, 2009
      On Jul 8, 6:14 am, "David M. Wilson" <d...@...> wrote:
      > Hi there,
      > I've been digging through the docs with no luck. Basically, I have a
      > global accelerator assigned to any menu option labelled "Zoom". This
      > has the effect in Terminal of expanding the focused window to full
      > vertical/horizontal dimensions.
      > Can this be done with MacVim? I noticed the old Carbon port also only
      > maximized vertically, so I thought perhaps there is a generic Gvim-
      > related option for it.
      > (I'm aware of full screen mode - awesome! but not quite what I want)
      > Thanks,
      > David
      > PS: this thing rocks

      In addition to what Björn said, you should be able to use

      :set lines=99999 columns=99999

      in your gvimrc, or in a ":if has('gui_running')" wrapper in your
      vimrc, to always maximize the Vim GUI (gvim or, I suppose, MacVim).

      You can also zoom the split-windows inside Vim:

      - to do it always, put this in your vimrc:

      if has('windows')
      set winminwidth=0 winwidth=99999 winminheight=0 winheight=99999

      I use it only for the height, since when running vimdiff I prefer to
      have vertically split windows of equal width.

      - to do it once (from the keyboard, in Normal mode):
      - horizontally: Ctrl-W |
      - vertically: Ctrl-W _

      :help 'lines'
      :help 'columns'
      :help 'winheight'
      :help 'winminheight'
      :help 'winwidth'
      :help 'winminwidth'
      :help CTRL-W__
      :help CTRL-W_bar

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