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New Snapshot of MacVim.app

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  • björn
    Hi, I have uploaded MacVim.app snapshot 46 to: http://code.google.com/p/macvim/wiki/Snapshot As usual I ask you to try it out for a couple of days and let me
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 10, 2009

      I have uploaded MacVim.app snapshot 46 to:


      As usual I ask you to try it out for a couple of days and let me know
      if there are any problems before I update the AppCast.

      The most exciting news is that MacVim now supports +netbeans_intg
      thanks to the work of Kazuki Sakamoto. This will, among other things,
      allow for tighter integration with GDB via programs such as clewn. I
      looked into this briefly myself and posted about it, but I'd be
      interested in more complete instructions on how to setup and use clewn
      with MacVim (in case anybody feels like sharing).

      In order to help me "remote debug" MacVim problems that are reported
      here and elsewhere I have implemented a very simplistic logging
      facility using ASL. For those of you who are interested, I found the
      following page on ASL quite helpful:


      As far as the logging system in MacVim goes, this is what you need to know:
      - Debug and Info level messages are blocked by default, set the user
      default MMLogLevel to 7 to unblock both
      - Actually, that's not enough since the ASL database filter blocks
      those levels as well; to remedy this enter "sudo syslog -c syslogd -d"
      in Terminal (and "sudo syslog syslogd off" when you want to reset the
      filter). You'll now be able to see all that MacVim logs in
      Console.app (choose "All Messages" in the left-hand list).
      - If you don't want to use Console.app you can use "syslog -w | grep
      Vim" to see logs in Terminal
      - If you are using Xcode it is nicest to have logs go to stderr
      since they then show up in the output window in Xcode. To send logs
      to stderr, enable the user default MMLogToStdErr. (In this case you
      don't have to muck around with the ASL database filter either.)

      I don't recommend running with MMLogLevel set to 7 all the time since
      MacVim spews out masses of logs at that level. But when there is a
      problem I will want to see the logs from that level. And oh, since
      logs go to the ASL database by default there will be no logs from
      MacVim to stderr (unless you enable MMLogToStdErr) which may be nice
      to those of you who start MacVim from Terminal. (The only messages
      you'll see are logged by Cocoa and I cannot disable them

      Other changes:

      - Markdown (Nico Weber) and reStructuredText (Travis Jeffery) are
      supported file types
      - The forever bouncing Dock icon bug should really really be fixed
      now (Kazuki Sakamoto)
      - Fixed bug when file name contained decomposed UTF8 characters
      - Quick Look should work for most/all supported filetypes now
      (although the preview is simple text and is not syntax highlighted)
      - Update the help file
      - 'guifontwide' is updated on Cmd-+/Cmd--
      - The titles of the next/previous tab menu items now match other apps
      - Add NetBeans support (Kazuki Sakamoto)
      - Add simple logging facility
      - Update to latest Vim patches and runtime files


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