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Re: Mapping of Keys

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  • Hai Nguyen
    Hi Björn, Thank you for the extremely useful information! ... is exactly what I m looking for! Thanks, Hai ...
    Message 1 of 3 , May 30, 2009
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      Hi Björn,

      Thank you for the extremely useful information!

      :noremap <Help> <Insert>
      :noremap! <Help> <Insert>

      is exactly what I'm looking for!


      On May 30, 3:29 am, björn <bjorn.winck...@...> wrote:
      > 2009/5/30 Hai Nguyen:
      > > I was wondering if it's possible to remap the "Insert" key (the
      > > literal key - not the mode) in MacVim so it behaves like vim on Linux
      > > and Windows? I use a Microsoft Natural keyboard and I have a bad habit
      > > of hitting the "Insert" key to toggle between Insert/Replace. The
      > > default behavior on Linux and Windows seems to do that - on MacVim -
      > > it toggles the Help.
      > > I tried googling around to how to map specific keys - but I couldn't
      > > find anything that seemed useful to someone with limited vim knowledge
      > > like myself. Any help would be much appreciated.
      > Hello Hai,
      > As you may know on a Mac keyboard there is a key labelled "Help" where
      > the "Insert" key is on a PC keyboard which is why you get the help
      > when pressing insert.  If I remember correctly Vim calls this key
      > <Help> (you can assure yourself of this by going into insert mode,
      > hitting Ctrl-v and then the key you want information on and Vim will
      > print the name of the key).
      > I think what you are looking for is
      > :noremap <Help> <Insert>
      > but I have no way to test this so you may have to try something else
      > (read the sections under ":h mapping" and ":h :map-modes").
      > Other than that I would suggest you train your muscle-memory to use
      > "i", "I", "a", "A" etc. to enter insert mode instead of using the
      > Insert key. :-)
      > Björn
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