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Re: Drawing problems with underscores

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  • björn
    ... Ok, I can see this problem with Bitstream Vera Sans Mono size 14 (and DejaVu 14 also) as well and I m still on 10.5.6. I ll see what can be done about it.
    Message 1 of 5 , May 23, 2009
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      2009/5/15 björn:
      > 2009/5/15 Rainer Schmid:
      >>> Which renderer are you using (see the advanced prefs)?  It sounds like
      >>> you're using ATSUI which is known to have some display bugs like this.
      >>>  If not, I'd be somewhat surprised.
      >> I was using the ATSUI renderer and I now turned this off. The problem
      >> gets better (i.e. it does not occur that often), but it is still
      >> present. For example if I enter some underscores and then use
      >> backspace to delete them, I get the rendering problmes with ATSUI, but
      >> not without.
      >> On the other hand, if I enter 10 underscores, go the beginning of the
      >> line and delete underscores with x, then I get the rendering problems
      >> regardless if ATSUI is turned on or not. The attached screenshot is
      >> exactly this scenario.
      > Ouch!  I've never seen anything near that bad using the default
      > renderer.  Maybe it is 10.5.7 (I haven't upgraded myself yet).  Has
      > anybody else seen this problem after upgrading?

      Ok, I can see this problem with Bitstream Vera Sans Mono size 14 (and
      DejaVu 14 also) as well and I'm still on 10.5.6. I'll see what can be
      done about it.

      The best I can suggest for the moment is to use another font. I've
      been using Inconsolata size 16 myself lately and I think it is very
      nice at largish sizes. It also comes with an underscore that isn't
      way too low (as is the case with the Bitstream Vera fonts). Or if you
      really like Bitstream Vera you should see if you can get your hands on
      a copy of Panic Sans (which is Vera with a fixed underscore as far as
      I can tell).


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