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Re: Vim using in MAC terminal

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  • Steven Michalske
    make sure that the preferences in terminal are set to display ansi colors, it is a checkbox. Hardkrash ...
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 16, 2009
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      make sure that the preferences in terminal are set to display ansi colors,  it is a checkbox.


      On Mar 15, 2009, at 10:46 PM, Justin Li wrote:

      Hi all,

      (Sorry for the previours FWD Email.)

      I am a Vim user in MAC, but I do not use MacVim, I just use the self-compiled vim which was download from vim.org.

      I have a problem with setting the color scheme. After I set the colorscheme to desert in ~/.vimrc with the command of :colorscheme desert, and I open the vim from Terminal of MACOS, I find it is not the desert one which I want it to be. It's always show me the color of my terminal setting. 

      So, is there anyone know what's going on with this colorscheme problem?

      Thanks in advance.

      Department of Electronic Engineering
      City University of Hong Kong
      Kowloon, Hong Kong

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