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9981Re: mvim on file with path

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  • björn
    Feb 18, 2009
      2009/2/18 Nico Weber:
      > Alright, I took a short look at this.
      > First a few comments just from looking at the diffs:
      > I'm not sure about this part:
      > -
      > -#ifdef MACOS_X
      > - /* os x doesn't really support fork(), so we can't fork of a
      > gui
      > - * in an already running vim. see gui_start() for more details.
      > - */
      > - gui.dofork = FALSE;
      > -#endif
      > iirc, this made sure -f is ignored if passed to `:gui` as documented a
      > `:h :gui`. It should probably stay in. Ah, wait, you don't define
      > MAY_FORK on OS X at all, so this _can_ probably stay out. Just take
      > another look if that's true :-)

      Yeah, it should all be ok the way it stands.

      I fixed all the comments as well (and added some new ones in gui.c).

      > Now some testing…hm, looks as if weird things happen if I start MacVim
      > in terminal mode (`build/Release/MacVim.app/Contents/MacOS/Vim`). You
      > probably need to check if gui mode should be started in main, like this:
      > + if (gui.starting && gui.dofork)
      > + macosx_fork();
      > That seems to fix this particular problem. I can't find other problems

      Ah. Good catch.

      > (at least not no new ones: If you start in terminal mode, then do
      > `:gui`, then hit ctrl-z in terminal, followed by `bg`, and then close
      > the terminal, you get a DEAD_PROCESS in console, but that does
      > currently happen too, and is not really a problem anyway).

      Yeah, I don't know if I even can be bothered doing anything about this...(?)

      > I didn't
      > try _very_ hard, but I guess the patch is good enough for wider testing.

      Thanks for going over it! I made the modifications you suggested and
      pushed it to the public repo. I'll let it sit there until the weekend
      and then I'll build a new snapshot.


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