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9936Re: mvim on file with path

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  • björn
    Feb 10, 2009
      2009/2/10 Nico Weber:
      >> Hmmm...let me be a bit more precise: I suggest forking right after
      >> command_line_scan(). This way we don't need to parse any command line
      >> flags ourselves.
      > I agree, this looks like a good place to do this. For some reason, I
      > had assumed that vim executes the commandline flags as it parses them
      > (e.g. -c 'cd otherdir'), but that's not true.

      Nico, I prepared a patch but I'd appreciate it if you'd look over it
      before I merge. In particular, I got rid of prepare_getout() since
      Vim hasn't even initialized by the time we fork now. Still, there is
      some allocation of structures going on before we fork...do you think
      any of this needs to be "undone" before forking? Somehow it seems
      "safer" to just lets things be, but I'm not at all sure about this.
      (Patches 1 and 2 are the interesting ones.)

      Anybody else wishing to evaluate these patches are of course also
      welcome to chime in. I haven't tested them much myself yet so there
      may very well be some glaring bugs in there!

      As for startup times: with these patches startup is another 200ms or
      so faster on my machine (its down to about .5s now). Nothing
      revolutionary, but I do notice the difference. Opening a window with
      Cmd-n or with 'mvim' should be equally fast now.


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