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9906Re: mvim on file with path

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  • björn
    Feb 4, 2009
      2009/2/4 björn:
      > 2009/2/4 alexanderkahn:
      >> Moving out my .[g]vimrc files and .vim directory fixed the problem. I
      >> isolated the issue to the option 'autochdir'. Removing this option
      >> from my .vimrc made mvim work as expected with relative file paths.
      >> With autochdir in your .vimrc, can you reproduce the problem? Any
      >> guess as to why the option would cause this problem?
      > Ok, I can reproduce the problem now. I'll see if I can figure out
      > what's going on. I wonder though: is this option only broken in
      > MacVim?

      Hmmm...it only happens if MacVim forks; i.e. if you start with "mvim
      -f path/filename" then everything works fine.

      Does anybody have any ideas why forking would cause this (Nico, Ben, ...?).


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