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9892Re: mvim on file with path

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  • björn
    Feb 2, 2009
      2009/2/2 alexanderkahn:
      > Hopefully this isn't an often-asked question: When I run `mvim sti/
      > sites/default/settings.php` for example, MacVim starts up with a blank
      > screen saying "sti/sites/default/settings.php New DIRECTORY". For some
      > reason, it thinks I supplied a directory path on the command line but
      > actually I specified a file that exists. When I supply an absolute
      > path, for example by prepending the above path with '~', MacVim loads
      > up the file correctly. Why is this? Am I using an outdated mvim
      > script? Am I using it incorrectly? Thanks for any assistance.

      I've not run across this problem before and I cannot reproduce on my
      machine. The first step is always to move your .[g]vimrc files and
      the .vim directory out of the way and see if they may be causing the
      problem. Let me know how that goes.


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