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9890re: history not saved

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  • Bee
    Feb 2, 2009
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      > Date: Sun, Feb 1 2009 11:16 am From: björn
      > 2009/2/1 Bee:
      >> The problem is after quitting MacVim, and starting again the commands
      >> issued in the previous session are no longer there, ie NOT saved. The
      >> terminal vim does save those commands in the file named .viminfo
      >> Using :history, q: or q/ with MacVim will show the items
      >> in .viminfo but new commands issued in MacVim are not persistent
      >> across sessions.
      > This could be related to the Quickstart+viminfo issue Jonathon brought
      > up in a previous post. Please disable Quickstart and see if that
      > makes any difference (or let me know if you weren't using Quickstart
      > to begin with).

      I do not have Quickstart enabled.

      So that is not the problem, I tried all combinations of:
      [ ] Launch Vim processes in a login shell
      [ ] Use ATSUI renderer
      [ ] Enable Quickstart

      And history was not saved.

      Then I was inspired...

      I used :qa! to close all the files I was using as tests and THEN
      command+q to quit MacVim, restarted MacVim and there it was... a
      history of the commands issued in the last session.

      It seems command+q does not update .viminfo

      Bill Muench
      Santa Cruz, California

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