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9884Re: On 16x16 document icons

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  • björn
    Feb 1, 2009
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      2009/2/1 Nico Weber:
      > People seemed to like this version and the colored version best. It's
      > not clear to me how to extend the 16x16 color to larger icon sizes, so
      > the green version will have to do for now.

      That's fine with me.

      > As usual, I hope this doesn't break docicon generation on Tiger. It
      > shouldn't, but you never know.

      Unfortunately it doesn't. The function
      ATSFontActivateFromFileReference() is new to OS X 10.5. Maybe you can
      somehow not compile loadfont.c on 10.4? (Or use the old API, but
      that's kind of silly since the function won't be called anyway.)

      > In my eyes, this patch completes the docicon saga for now (perhaps
      > modulo a few code-cleanup patches), and I will take a look at
      > +balloon_eval next.


      Thanks for the patch,

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