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9877Re: Bug in url handler?

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  • Holger Rapp
    Jan 30, 2009
      Hi Björn,

      >> Year, I know. I want to write a script that takes TODOs from my
      >> code and
      >> enters them into OmniFocus so
      >> I do not have to keep track of them manually. I want to add a link
      >> to the
      >> notebox which directly takes the use to the
      >> file in macvim, therefore i need the line= option.
      > I'll look into this bug, but can't you just use the command line
      > parameter "+num" instead? For example:
      > mvim /etc/profile +20
      unfortunately not. I can change the note in OmniFocus by Applescript
      (or actually by a python apple event script called appscript which
      rocks so hard i can hardly describe it :) ). And OmniFocus turns urls
      into clickable items. I am not aware of a possibility to use urls to
      launch a script with arguments. Are there any?

      Thanks for the reply!

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