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9875Re: Another Bug Report

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  • björn
    Jan 30, 2009
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      Hi Holger,

      2009/1/29 SirVer:
      > another bug which I discovered. I'm using german keymappings and to
      > get ] i have to press Alt-6, if I want to jump to the tag of the
      > current word, i theoretically have to use <C-]> == <Ctrl + Alt + 6> on
      > my keyboard. This works great on the console version of vim, but
      > whenever i try it in macvim i only get <9d> (one char only). So i
      > thought thats not a problem, i just remap: "inoremap <9d> <C-]>", but
      > this doesn't work; vim ignores this mapping. It doesn't matter if i
      > write <9d> as one char or 4 chars, vim just ignores it.
      > Anybody any ideas?

      I pushed a patch which makes <C-]> work on German keyboard layout.
      However, this does not fix the problem on _all_ layouts...

      The problem is this: on German layout, Ctrl-Alt-6 will be translated
      by Cocoa to <C-]> (an unprintable character). On a Swedish layout,
      Ctrl-Alt-9 is translated by Cocoa to "9" instead of <C-]> (Alt-9 is
      "]" on Swedish layout). Why Cocoa translates keys differently I do
      not know so I'm not sure what can be done about this.

      At any rate, the problem that was reported is at least fixed now
      (hopefully this doesn't break any other keyboard input
      functionality...the input code is a bit of a mess unfortunately).


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