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9871Another Bug Report

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  • SirVer
    Jan 29, 2009

      another bug which I discovered. I'm using german keymappings and to
      get ] i have to press Alt-6, if I want to jump to the tag of the
      current word, i theoretically have to use <C-]> == <Ctrl + Alt + 6> on
      my keyboard. This works great on the console version of vim, but
      whenever i try it in macvim i only get <9d> (one char only). So i
      thought thats not a problem, i just remap: "inoremap <9d> <C-]>", but
      this doesn't work; vim ignores this mapping. It doesn't matter if i
      write <9d> as one char or 4 chars, vim just ignores it.

      Anybody any ideas?


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